UENF Transparency

With the implementation of the Transparency Portal UENF, the citizen who maintains public education by paying taxes was able to follow the ways Darcy Ribeiro State University of Northern of Rio de Janeiro uses resources is given. The tool was implemented in during the previous Presidency, and which we feel committed to respect and whose initiatives we wish to improve. In 2012, Transparency Portal UENF was replaced by SIC Portal - Citizen Information System.

The idea is that both the academic community and the society as a whole may have access to the information about where resources given to our University come from and where they are destined to. Additionally, meeting briefings are made available together with information about the main decisions made by the collegiate organs that define the University's management guidelines.

Obtain information, give suggestions, give your opinion and help us take care of the public property!

Silvério de Paiva Freitas

President of UENF