The Presidency of UENF

A message from the President

UENF is a singular collective construction, whose history is full of celebrated personalities and anonymous heroes. The University was born from a popular movement, which organized itself and managed to include the creation of the Institution in the State's Constitution of 1989, resorting to the mechanism of amendments proposed by the public. The success of this civic effort meant a great deal of energy spent by a large number of people, who cannot be cited one by one!

Apart from singular, UENF is an inspiring construction, from different points of view. From the academic standpoint, the University proposed to innovate in terms of organizational structure, especially by replacing the old-fashioned departments with transdisciplinary laboratories and defining the obtainment of PhD degrees and exclusive dedication to its faculty. From the perspective of citizenship and social transformation, the University has fully adhered to every policy of inclusion, democracy, and innovation in public education. It suffices to look at the experiments of the Consortium Cederj, in terms of the offer of public college distance education, of the Unified Selection System, SiSU, which opens the way for the democratization of access to university and student's mobility, and of the Plan of Teacher Education, Parfor, among so many other initiatives.

This construction is not finished yet. Firstly, it is the work of each member of the university community — professors, students, technical and administrative staff, supporting staff. Yet, the future of UENF is also a responsibility of every citizen who is conscious of the fact that a public university belongs to everyone.

Anyone who has studied or worked in UENF adds the landmark of the University to their personal history — a landmark that carries the contributions of each and all of them. The perception of the richness of this process is what guarantees the respect and reverence to the Institution, irrespective of the controversies or disputes that occur in the environment of a university. We usually refer to this using the metaphor "the UENF surname".

You are part of this history too!

Silvério de Paiva Freitas