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Deanship of Research and Post-Graduation Studies


In Darcy Ribeiro State University of Northern of Rio de Janeiro – UENF, the Activities involving Research and Post-Graduation started practically at the same time the University was established, in August 1995, when the first research groups arrived in Campos dos Goytacazes which immediately started to dedicate their efforts to the work of assembling the research laboratories and the implementation of post-graduation programs.

Due to the decision to ire only professors with a PhD degree and with previous academic experience, UENF quickly began to offer top quality post-graduation studies. Seventeen years later, currently there are 13 Post-Graduation Programs commended by CAPES, of which 10 are MSc and PhD programs.

Until the 23rd of May 2011, 2,138 theses were presented, and the Post-Graduation Programs recorded attendance of 970 regular students devoted to research in the most diverse knowledge areas, covered in by the numerous UENF laboratories.

UENF Post-Graduation Programs:

MSc and PhD:

Ecology and Natural Resources – CBB

Biosciences and Biotechnology – CBB

Engineering and Materials Sciences – CCT

Engineering of Oil Reservoir and Exploration – CCT

Natural Sciences – CCT

Civil Engineering – CCT

Animal Sciences – CCTA

Plant Production – CCTA

Genetics and Plant Improvement – CCTA

Political Sociology – CCH


Production Engineering – CCT

Cognition and Language – CCH

Social Policies – CCH

Post-Graduation Degrees (professional) - MSc in Mathematics

The history of UENF

Foto historia inglesCivic movement and important personalities from Brazil are in the origins of the University. Click here.


Paulo Damasceno - 27-04-2010 (91) - 450 x 300Know the staff of UENF. Click here.

Culture House

Casa de Cultura Villa Maria - 400 x 600 IMG 3354The history of Villa Maria Culture House before the University was established. Click here.