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Deanship of Extension Studies and Community Matters – PROEX


Established in 1999, the Deanship of Extension and Community Matters (PROEX) invests all its efforts and resources (mainly human resources) so that UENF is able to play the role that the institution has been given: to promote regional development. For that, in recent years PROEX has endeavored to prepare, support, strengthen and institutionalize projects that are in accordance with the targets defined in UENF Charter and the National Plan for Extension Studies (PNE).

Dean of Extension Studies and Community Matters – Professor Paulo Roberto Nagipe da Silva

PROEX Assistant Officer – Professor Alcimar das Chagas Ribeiro

The history of UENF

Foto historia inglesCivic movement and important personalities from Brazil are in the origins of the University. Click here.


Paulo Damasceno - 27-04-2010 (91) - 450 x 300Know the staff of UENF. Click here.

Culture House

Casa de Cultura Villa Maria - 400 x 600 IMG 3354The history of Villa Maria Culture House before the University was established. Click here.