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Directors/ Prefecture

The Directors under the President's Office are the General Administration Director (DGA), the Project Director, and the Prefecture.

The General Administration Director is responsible for the planning, organization , integration and coordination of activities related to property, administration, finance, budget and human resources of UENF.

The Project Director is in charge of promoting and administering non-budget resources obtained by UENF, apart from establishing deals and partnerships with public or private institutions, Laboratories and Study Centers of UENF and third-party institutions and companies to put to practice research and extension studies projects, among others.

The Prefecture is responsible for the development of actions to plan, operate and control physical structure associated to tasks concerning maintenance, conservation, transportation, and engineering projects of UENF.



The Information and Communication Director proposes and accomplishes information and communication policies in UENF.

The history of UENF

Foto historia inglesCivic movement and important personalities from Brazil are in the origins of the University. Click here.


Paulo Damasceno - 27-04-2010 (91) - 450 x 300Know the staff of UENF. Click here.

Culture House

Casa de Cultura Villa Maria - 400 x 600 IMG 3354The history of Villa Maria Culture House before the University was established. Click here.