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Deanship of Academic Studies

Courses at UENF carry several landmarks of the pioneering and bold character of those who inspired the creation of the University, in 1993. These are embedded in the excellence of the courses, in distance learning via the Consortium CEDERJ, in the mechanisms of affirmative action, and in Scientific Initiation.

Undergraduate academic studies in UENF shorten the distance between students and researchers, between the theories established and the experiments that updates them. In 2003, dye to the proportion of former grant holders in Scientific Initiation who were enrolled in post-graduation programs across Brazil, UENF was given the award Outstanding Achievement in Scientific Initiation, category 'Institutional Merit". Due to regulation clauses, UENF could only take part in the competition again in 2009, and won the award again!

UENF was the first state university to take part in the Unified Selection System (Sisu), which uses the grades pupils obtain in ENEM to offer more egalitarian chances of access to public college education. The University was one of the pioneering in the implementation affirmative action, with quotas for low-income students of different profiles and financial assistance to remain in university. UENF has engaged in a nation-wide effort towards qualification of elementary school teachers, increasing the availability of entries in teachers' education courses and integrating with Parfor, developed by MEC, as well as PIBID (Institutional Scholarship Program for New Teachers).

It was in UENF that the first degree in petroleum exploration and production engineering was created in Brazil, already in 1993.

All these ingredients generate a singular environment of university experience, which reflects on the evaluation of degrees by the Ministério da Educação or non-governmental agencies. UENF is considered one of the 15 top universities in Brazil (IGC-MEC 2007/2008/2009/2010) and one of the 100 best universities in Latin America (Quacquarelli Symonds – QS – 2011).

UENF also is a constant part in people's lives, as with Ricardo Gonzalez Rocha Souza. In spite of being quadriplegic since he was 15, Ricardo was among the first biologists in Brazil to get a distance education degree, in 2006. Also, who would have thought that Marina Barreto Silva, who made a living out of collecting wild crabs in Gargaú, on the mouth of the river Paraíba do Sul, was to become a biologist with one of the highest grades in biology in UENF?

To invent, to experiment and to build the road to independence should be the everyday task of every public university in Brazil. To some extent, UENF was created for that end.

The history of UENF

Foto historia inglesCivic movement and important personalities from Brazil are in the origins of the University. Click here.


Paulo Damasceno - 27-04-2010 (91) - 450 x 300Know the staff of UENF. Click here.

Culture House

Casa de Cultura Villa Maria - 400 x 600 IMG 3354The history of Villa Maria Culture House before the University was established. Click here.