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New approach to tuberculosis

Pesquisa Tuberculose - Elena Lassounsakaia2Research identifies mechanism that increases severity of disease. Read more.

Research and Post-Graduation

UENF offers 14 post-graduation programs, all of them recommended by CAPES. Click here. 

Deanship of Academic Studies

Know courses and programs on Academic Studies. Click here.

UENF logo

Check and download the UENF logo, based on a draft by the ingenious architect called Oscar Niemeyer. Click here.

The Presidency of UENF

Read the message from the President Silverio de Paiva Freitas. Click here.

Deanship of Extension Studies and Community Matters

Know projects based on National Plan for Extension Studies. Click here.

Information to citizen

Follow the ways that the University utilizes its resources. Click here.

Main units and laboratories

UENF is structured in four academic centers and interdisciplinary laboratories. Click to read.

Directors/ Prefecture

The Directors under the President’s Office are the General Administration Director (DGA), the Innovation Agency Director, the Communication and Information Diretor and the Prefecture. Click here.

Our Magazine

Our UENF - Images - reduced

Read special edition of Our UENF magazine, with images of history of University. Click here.

Guideline Plan of UENF

Guideline Plan of UENF, coordinated by Darcy RibeiroKnow the Guideline Plan of UENF, coordinated by Darcy Ribeiro. Read more.

The history of UENF

Foto historia inglesCivic movement and important personalities from Brazil are in the origins of the University. Click here.


Paulo Damasceno - 27-04-2010 (91) - 450 x 300Know the staff of UENF. Click here.

Culture House

Casa de Cultura Villa Maria - 400 x 600 IMG 3354The history of Villa Maria Culture House before the University was established. Click here.